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Project Management


Ensure the successful, effective and efficient management of project funds, in compliance with the principles of sound financial management, and that the project implementation is in line with the objectives and will lead to the achievement of the expected results. Formation of a joint management team involves setting forth the organisational structure, main functions and responsibilities for the implementation of activities by each project partner, levels of communication and interaction,  monitoring and control mechanisms to ensure a transparent and robust management system.

Expected results

- An established and functioning "management structure and framework" to ensure the smooth and successful implementation of project activities;

- Effective allocation, implementation and reporting of individual tasks by individual participants and experts;

- Strict compliance of the project activities in accordance with the approved design, grant agreement, applicable national and European legislation and rules of the Programme Operator;

- Keeping accurate and regular records and accounts, adhering to the time schedule and accurate and correct spending of funds;

- Preparation and keeping of a file containing all project management related documentation;

- Increased staff competence through the achievement of quality project management and implementation;

- Quality results and reliable control in the implementation of the time schedule, activities and tasks included in it;

- Quality and timely implementation of activities as set out in this project proposal;

- Achievement of project results and objectives.

Time Schedule of project activities