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Inaugural press conference on the project "Transition to Climate Resilient Communities"

On 24.08.2022 an inaugural press conference was held for the project "Transition to Climate Resilient Communities" funded by the EEA FM. Present were representatives of the three municipalities.

The project was presented by the project manager Vanya Hristova who noted that the project has 10 activities, one of which is the innovative pilot measure for the integration of green water piping into the building of the Kenana Elder Care Centre in Haskovo. In the process of its implementation, the planting of roses in the central park of Madzharovo Municipality and landscaping of a roundabout at Kapitan Petko Voyvoda Street, the installation and commission of solar systems for domestic hot water supply in 8 buildings of kindergartens in two municipalities will take place: for Haskovo Municipality - Dinevo, Malevo and Uzundzhovo, and for Stambolovo Municipality - in the five buildings of the Zvezdichka kindergarten.

The project is of duration 22 months and total cost BGN 914,591. Its main objective is to increase municipal capacity to evaluate strategic plans and programmes by improving strategic planning processes, monitoring implementation and implementing innovative measures and activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate and adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.